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Everyday parents and families are making a difference in the lives of UChicago students. Here is a look at some of those people who are giving back in support of the programs and events at the University of Chicago.

As the parent of a UChicago student, you already know that students at this University are talented, gifted, amazing thinkers and doers, but as they grow, they continue to need the help and guidance of their families.  Many parents have taken this call to action a step further by giving back to UChicago through service and on-going philanthropy.  There are many ways that parents can get invovled as an event volunteer or in support of a program.  These parents have taken advantage of these opportunities and are making a difference across campus. 

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at the University of Chicago, visit the Volunteer Opportunities page of this website in the Getting Involved menu above or visit

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