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The Parent and Family Program

Whether your interest is attending events, volunteering for the College, or getting involved philanthropically, the Parent and Family Program provides active engagement opportunities for everyone.

Perhaps the most important, and certainly the most influential, people in the lives of students are the parents and family members who stand behind them through their educational years and beyond. For many parents, being engaged in supporting their student's educational endeavors often included volunteering with the Parent-Teacher Association, raising money for school activities, and attending performances and sporting events. Now that your student is in college, we want you to continue that active support in whatever way is most appealing. That is the idea behind the Parent and Family Program.

The Parent and Family Program organizes the many ways that you can get involved in the life of the College with the goal of helping to connect interested parents with programs and opportunities that need your help. Whether you are looking to host an event, volunteer at a program, write for the parent newsletter, sponsor a Metcalf Internship, or get involved in a philanthropic capacity, there are many opportunities waiting for you. Below are just a few of the ways that you can lend your expertise and talents in support of the University of Chicago.

Career Advancement

Perhaps one of the most distinguishing characteristics of a UChicago education is the deep commitment that Dean Boyer has led to enhance the career development opportunities available to our students. Originally started as a fledgling initiative, the John Metcalf Internship Program has grown to offer more than 1,000 internships to UChicago students during the 2013-2014 academic year alone. When combined with other job shadowing externships and mentoring opportunities, the University of Chicago now offers one of the most comprehensive career preparation programs anywhere, and the efforts and support of our parent and family community are at the heart of this critical effort. Parents have established Metcalf internships at their places of business, offered externships, reviewed and critiqued internship applications, and given generously to support the grants that make the Metcalf Program so unique. If this sounds like something that you are interest in doing, our staff would really like to here from you. To discuss ways to support student career exploration, such as hosting an internship, externship, or trek or reviewing internship applications, contact Sara Bosworth in Career Advancement. To make a gift to support any career preparation initiative, contact Andrew Berg on our Parent and Family Philanthropy team.

Outreach and Engagement

At the University of Chicago, we often speak of the life of the mind, a term used to describe the special focus taken by faculty and students alike inn exploring the ways that we think about major issues and investigate important challenges. However, we also invite all members of the University of Chicago community to join us in this exploration, especially our parent and family community. From faculty lectures to model classes to innovative roadshows and presentations, the UChicago faculty are constantly traveling around the globe to engage others in the work and research that they are doing here on campus. Parents are invited to take part in any of these events, both before and after your student graduates. You will find announcements of upcoming events in the Parent Connection quarterly newsletter and here on the UChicago Parent Community Online.

However, if you are interested in taking an extra step in your level of involvement, we invite you to consider other ways that parents can support our outreach efforts to prospective and current members of our UChicago parent and family community. Year after year, parents have made phone calls and written letters to welcome the parents of new students. They have hosted receptions, send-off parties, and encouraged other parents to attend University events. We welcome parent volunteers at any of our family-focused events or contributions to family-focused communications. We are also looking to launch some new outreach initiatives that we need your help in rolling out.

If are interested in becoming a volunteer, visit our Volunteer Opportunities site. This page lists some of the various ways that you can volunteer along with contact information for someone who can offer assistance and addition information about getting started.


As the University of Chicago has grown, it has offered new programs and opportunities to students that have come to define what an education from the College looks like. At the heart of this growth has been financial commitments made by parents, families, and alumni to expand and strengthen the College in every conceivable way. Giving to the College helps to support programs like student aid, study abroad, student activities, internships, pre-professional programs, and more. Giving participation continues to increase, and this participation has not gone unnoticed by our peers or those who benchmark educational success. This increasing support is one of the many reasons that the University of Chicago has emerged as one of the world's top universities.

The College has many ways and levels at which parents can give. All gifts to the College will be honored and recognized in the Parent and Family Honor Roll. To learn more about giving opportunities, visit the Parent and Family Philanthropy portion of our website. There you will find information about giving levels and contact information for our Parent and Family Philanthropy team who can help you make your gift.

The University of Chicago values the efforts and support of our parents and families. Your support of student success at UChicago has helped to drive the incredible rise in this institution's visibility and ability to offer new programs and opportunities to students on campus and around the world. We hope that you will consider taking advantage of one or more of the programs outlined above to show your support and impact the lives of every student in the College.