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The Autumn Edition of the Parent Connection Newsletter has Arrived

This new publication brings the life of the College to parents and families.

Beginning with the Autumn Quarter, the College is launching a new newsletter to replace the News for Parents and Families emails of previous years. This new publication, entitled The Parent Connection Quarterly Newsletter, seeks to bring you more information about the news, events, and people that are having an impact across campus. Parents will receive the newsletter via email sometime during the first couple of weeks of each quarter, or you may access it by visiting the Parent Newsletters and Publications page of the Parent and Family Website. The newsletter will be published as an online magazine that is easily viewed from your desktop computer, laptop, or tablet, or you can download the newsletter as a pdf document to read at your leisure.

The Autumn Edition of the Parent Connection Newsletter features a conversation with UChicago's new athletic director, a look inside the Seminary Co-op, and a look back at some of the pictures from O-Week 2013. We also investigate some of the new initiatives being offered to First Year Students to help develop leadership and communication skills that will benefit them during their career development process. Plus, Career Advancement talks about their programs and the outcomes for the Class of 2013. We hope that you will enjoy this new publication, and that you will continue to give us feedback about it, which will help us continue to develop the Parent Connection Newsletter for future quarters.