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Family Feedback

Share your thoughts with our monthly "Family Feedback" question posted on the Parent and Family Website.

The College's Parent and Family Website puts information about University departments, policies, and events right at your fingertips on a site designed with the needs of parents in mind. The information presented on the site was written for parents, and we hope that the Parent and Family Website will become a trusted source of information for you as your student progresses through the College. Every month the website also hosts a new "Family Feedback Question" to offer parents the opportunity to share their thoughts on a variety of issues. You will this month's Family Feedback question at or at the bottom of the center column on the Parent and Family Website. The answers shared by our parent community are then compiled at the end of the month and posted for everyone to read.

Getting feedback from our parent community is an important part of our continued quest to strengthen the connection between families and the University and between all of the member of the UChicago community. If you have specific questions, you are always welcome to contact us anytime. Additionally, remember that this site hosts a number of great groups where parents can get to know one another and opportunities to get involved with events around the globe.